Time & Capacity



I am self-employed and therefore I don’t have unlimited capacity. However, with a bit of help we can usually avoid serious problems. Here are three things you can do:

  • Check my availability page. I use it to post periods when I will not be available for one reason or another.
  • Contact me as early as possible when you are thinking about sending me work.
  • Please do tell me if you decide not to accept an offer from me. When I make offers, I always have a time in mind when I would do the work, and it’s good to know if this time is free again.

A rough guide:

  • 100 pages: no problem.
  • 200, 300 pages: could take a few weeks.
  • 1000 pages: sounds like a project for a team of translators. Projects of this size are done optimally with special software systems and workflow management that I don’t have at my disposal.

One exception:
I’m always open to book translation projects that are large, but will run over a period of a year or more – so that I can fit them around other work.

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