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The right package

What I want to do is help make your communication in English as effective as possible. If the best way to do that means helping you improve your own language competence, I’m happy to include consulting or coaching in the service package.

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I translate from German to English, mostly in subject areas related to science and engineering. I can handle a wide range of text genres, from technical documentation to advertising. The aim is always to produce a text which is fit for its specific purpose.

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If you write good English but need perfect, I can help out as a language or general editor. This is good value for money and is also an opportunity to improve your writing skills. Editing of scientific manuscripts is a specialty.


Writing from briefing: copywriting, journalism

Sometimes it makes more sense to explain the job to me in a briefing than for you to prepare a full German draft for translation. Tell me about your message and the target audience, and supply some supporting materials – and I’ll write the text from scratch.

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English language coaching

As an experienced English teacher, I can offer individual English coaching. Sometimes this is a good idea in combination with a text service.

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Consecutive interpreting is often useful for factory visits, negotiations and inspections/audits – whenever it’s critical to communicate precisely and avoid misunderstandings.

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