People and places I recommend


I’m happy to recommend the following businesses and their products:


CAMELS: Capital markets English Language Services
The translation service of Mag. Edith Vanghelof in Vienna.


Translingua is the office of Dr. Brigitte Messner in Graz. She can provide certified translations and works in a number of language combinations.


Carla Müller
Illustrator, a rare talent with lino prints.


Ko & Co.
Clear and elegant graphic designs and layouts from Dr. Ursula Kothgasser.


I got great service here with a complicated printing job.


Excellent coffee on the edge of the »Neue Technik« campus of the Graz University of Technology; corner of Schörgelgasse/Stremayergasse.


»Trink’ besseren Kaffee« — drink better coffee.


Otto Knaus, Organic Wine Grower
In what must be the very last corner of the souther Styrian wine region, in a steep valley right on the Slovenian border, Otto Knaus makes his organic wines. Regularly excellent are (in my opinion) his Traminer and Grauburgunder.


Pilates Graz – Aida Witt
I find Pilates an indispensable corrective for my life of sitting at a desk. It keeps me mobile (well, to stop freezing up completely) and trains muscles that don’t get exercised enough in the everyday run of things. It also shows how tough exercises can be without any weights or apparatus can be. I appreciate Aida Witt as a trainer because she makes sure we don’t overdo it.


I’ve been using a Swopper as my main desk chair for over a year now and it’s been very good for my lower back. Seems to be popular with translators … well worth the money (which is in the price range of a decent office chair).

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