Translation job checklist

Here are 15 questions to think about before you order a translation.

Download the checklist as a pdf

  1. What are the documents called?
  2. Are the texts finished?
  3. How long are the texts?
    Select all>Word count> Characters (including spaces) /55 = “standard lines”
  4. Is a price of € 1.40 EUR/line (plus 20% VAT) within your budget (beware: you won’t get good-quality professional translations for much less)?
  5. How would you describe the content/the type of text?
    (e.g. report, corporate image brochure, tender application, specification, operating procedure, newsletter, print advertisement, specialist article, research study, project funding application, presentation, website, instructions for use, voiceover text, storyboard/script …)
Intended use: target audience
  1. Is English the native language of the people who will read the text?
  2. What organization do they work for?
  3. What is your relationship to the organization/the readers?
  4. What country or countries are the readers located in?
Intended use: function
  1. What do you want the readers to do as a result of reading the text?
  2. What impression do you want the readers to have when they read the text?
  3. Do you expect them to approach the text sceptically in some way? How?
Intended use: dissemination
  1. In what form will you be presenting the text to the readers (Internet, document sent by e-mail, newsletter, handbook/reference material, print brochure, magazine/journal?
  2. Will the text be used once only or many times?
  3. If the text is being produced as a print medium, what will the size of the print run/ circulation be?