About me

My all-round services are based on all-round experience.


I am a native English speaker with a talent for exact, unambigous and readable technical and scientific writing.


A certain affinity to German began with family connections. When I actually moved to Germany in 1993, I rapidly learned to speak the language, and got a top grade in the “Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom” 2 years later. Now I have been living in German-speaking countries for 20 years. I’ve used mainly German in my work, voluntary work and private life for most of that time. I have done a lot of writing, reading, public speaking and negotiating in German … a good way of making sure that I don’t miss many nuances in a German source text for translation.


I have a PhD in biochemistry and over 10 years’ experience in research. A researcher in biochemistry has to be at home in several different fields: the fundamental questions are mainly medical but the methods used to attack them are chemical or physical. That makes me a scientific all-rounder. I can rapidly get to grips with new areas of science or engineering.

Other subject areas

In the course of my work as a translator, I have become familiar with a number of additional subject areas: mechanical engineering, pharmaceutical quality systems, social enterprise, waste management, the health system. My advocacy work for everyday cycling has given me substantial experience in the areas of sustainable transport, traffic planning and road safety.

English language teaching

I gained over 2000 hours of teaching experience in the time when I worked for a major commercial language training provider. I have also given courses as a self-employed teacher. For organisational and capacity reasons, I have reduced my teaching activity to the occasional workshop and individual coaching.

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