Steps in a translation job

Experience shows that some attention to procedure is necessary to ensure good quality translations and avoid delays. Here are the important steps in any translation job, as I see them.

When you make an inquiry, it’s helpful if you can give me enough information to calculate the price. For translations, please send me the following things if possible:

  1. Send me the complete source text in a form that allows me to count the characters/words on my computer. If the text is available online, please indicate exactly which pages/files belong to the job.
  2. Tell me about the use you intend to make of the translation.

Then I will send you an offer. With the offer, there is a pre-filled form you can use to send me the official order. A written order is required by applicable translation standards, so please sign this form and return it by fax or post (usually, confirmation by e-mail is enough for me to start work, but I should have the order form for my records).

While I am working on a translation, I need to be able to contact a competent person whom I can ask about about any questions that arise. Usually, I will gather translation questions and send them as a list by e-mail. Whatever deadline I have agreed to for delivering the translation he deadline for the translation is based on the assumption that you will answer these questions promptly.

Proofreading/correction of translations by another competent person is an essential part of good translation practice. I keep a record of who does the proofreading. If there is someone on the client side who has the appropriate subject and language competence, we can agree that this step will be done by them. This decision should be documented.

When I deliver the translation, please check it; as thoroughly as you can. Often, I will include a list of points that need confirmation. If some of these, or other things you discover, need more attention, please send me a list and I will make the necessary corrections or answer your questions without delay. Please confirm that you accept the translation, even if no changes are necessary.

Despite my best efforts, errors are still possible – and the sooner you tell me about these, the sooner I can fix them. According to my terms and conditions of business, you have a maximum of two weeks to officially notify me of defects in my work.

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