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Qualified & experienced

I have a science PhD (in biochemistry) and years of active research experience; English is my native language; and I also have many years of experience as a scientific author and editor.
Since I am also an experienced translator and English language teacher, I am very familiar with the difficulties that writing in English presents specifically to German-speakers – and I know how to get around them.

What I do

My usual editorial service covers the following three areas:

  1. Basic language editing: making sure all the sentences and expressions used can pass as decent English.
  2. Correcting and/or marking general style issues such as inconsistent use of terminology, abbreviations, units etc.
  3. Making suggestions about organisation and content of the text, e.g. moving items of information between sections, avoiding repetitions of information, shortening of discussions, making explanations of data and figures easier to follow.
What I don’t (normally) do

What I do not cover in my normal service is detailed adaptation to the style guidelines of a specific journal and proofreading/checking of references. I can do these if you wish, it’s just more work. And if you wish, I can have the manuscript read by another person.
What I don’t do under any circumstances is edit texts that will be submitted for the purpose of obtaining an academic degree (theses and dissertations).

How much does it cost?

I charge € 50.00 plus VAT per hour of editing work. The average manuscript prepared by German speakers is about 20 pages long and takes 4–6 hours of work. So the final price is usually in the range €200–300 plus VAT.
If I can see the manuscript beforehand, I can make a fixed-price offer.


I make no extra charge for clearing up issues that arise from my editing. If the manuscript is returned from the journal publisher with instructions to improve the English, I will also address this for no extra charge (providing the problems are identified).

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