Texts and translations for advertising

Language as good as your product.

Especially when the subject matter is of a technical or scientific nature, I can develop texts that are accurate and readable and speak to the needs and interests of your target group in English. I can adjust the length of texts to within a few characters so that they fit into layouts. I can make body text and headlines interact well with one another and well as with illustrations, and I’ll be happy to work with your layout and graphic designers. I can work client feedback and when the layout is done I can do the proofreading (or arrange to have it done by a colleague). I can work from a German text, an existing English text or a briefing.

Don’t underestimate advertising text

Writing a text for advertising is a special challenge. The text has to get readers’ attention all by itself; it has to communicate the corporate image/identity; it must avoid negative side-effects; and it has to be not one word longer than necessary. Last but not least: in order to make a text attractive and interesting, different linguistic strategies apply in English and German, and this may require a reorganisation of the content.
It may be that your engineers and scientists can handle their everyday communication in English without major problems, but that doesn’t mean they can produce text of advertising quality. Remember that in daily correspondence you are usually dealing with people who want to communicate with you; you can get quick feedback, because people are in dialogue by e-mail, by telephone or in person; a positive corporate image can be conveyed by the personality of your representatives; and highly concise writing is usually not necessary. Advertising has to work in much less favourable conditions.

How much will it cost?

Translations for advertising begin in the normal price range for other translations, i.e. around € 1.50 plus VAT/line (1 line = 55 characters including spaces). However, the right treatment of your text can take a little more, or sometimes a lot more effort, so we will need to adjust the price level accordingly.

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