English language teaching

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Personal support

Due to my work as a translator, I can’t provide English language teaching on a large scale, but as an experienced teacher I can offer some kinds of coaching that you might not get in the usual courses.


It’s a good idea to work out an accurate picture of your existing English skills and define some simple and practical goals. I can give you independent advice free from the need to sell you a course as the solution. It’s not a problem for me if you decide to use one of the bigger language training institutes; and I can also recommend a number of freelance colleagues. If we decide it’s the best thing for you, I can offer one-to-one training.

Technical stuff

People often learn English for work, and if the work happens to be of a scientific or technical nature, then it’s a good idea if the trainer can understand the subject area.

Writing & translating

There are some things that aren’t learned playfully, but by long practice. If you want to understand how I translate or edit your documents, we can use them as a basis for coaching you on the finer points of writing in English for your subject area.

Expose yourself to English

When you want to learn a language, it’s always important for you to expose yourself regularly to it, in the form of books, articles, music. films, etc. I can help you find materials that you find interesting and that suit your English level.

How much does it cost?

For consulting and coaching you can expect prices from around € 50/hour plus VAT.


It’s not always possible to make time to learn a language. Sometimes it just has to happen in the thick of your daily work. That’s one reason why I offer my “Sprachrettung” service –pre-paid packages where I can help you deal with everyday English challenges.

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