Help with presentations

upgrade your talk
Basic correction …

To help you prepare a presentation that you will give in English, I can translate or correct existing slides. If you wish, I can help you rehearse the delivery of the talk, as well. But I think things get more interesting if you want to shift you presentation out of the bullet-point-heavy mainstream. I agree with the experts who say that slides should be reduced as much as possible to simple graphics and a few words, instead of overloading them with text. Points that need more text should be provided as a handout.

… or radical reworking …

A fundamental redesign of a talk is easier said than done. Especially if you have to give it in a language that isn’t your native one, it’s tempting to have more text on the slides. But using slides as a kind of teleprompter is not good for communication. If you decide you want to resist this temptation, I can help you with the whole development process – deciding what should be on the slides, designing them and rehearsing your delivery of the talk.

How much does it cost?

Contact me for an individual quote based on your specific project. Packages with editing of texts and slides and coaching start at around €500-600 plus VAT.

Why I can help

I am a native speaker of English and an experienced writer. I have a good feel for the differences between writing and speaking, which are bigger in English than in German. And I have a good eye for layouts that are simple enough to get the message across.

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