Voiceover texts

voiceover texts
Texts to be spoken: for videos or e-learning.

Writing for speaking

is different from writing to be read. This difference is more pronounced in English than in German. Voiceovers need to be written in natural rhythms that are easy to speak. They also have to be easy to understand from a single hearing. Last but not least, a good text will save time in the recording studio, by reducing the number of takes and interruptions.

Speaking of technology …

When the subject matter of the voiceover is scientific or technical, you also need a scriptwriter who can structure the content perfectly, particularly if the target audience consists of non-specialists.


E-learning has another dimension: the voiceover has to match the visual/graphic sequences on the screen. It’s worth the effort to do this properly if it enables the target group to learn effectively.


Another speech related form of text is subtitling, which also has its own rules. The texts must match the timing of the video exactly, must be quite close to the expressions used in the original and must be easy to understand (e.g. should avoid difficult idioms).

What I can do

Write texts that are perfect for speaking, recording, hearing and understanding.
Match text to timing of videos/screen sequences.
Write complete scripts for e-learning, including screen sequences.

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