“Sprachrettung”: instant help, on the job

Quick help with everyday English puzzles!

A pre-paid package that means you can call me in to help with your English communication right in the middle of your everyday work. I can translate, correct or write short texts, or answer your questions on any aspect of English you’re not sure about.



The standard package is ten 30-minute chunks of my time, and costs € 300 including VAT. If your “call for help” takes me less than 10 minutes to deal with, we can subdivide the blocks further into €10 / 10 min. units.
Pay in advance – use bit by bit
To keep track of your credits, I send you a ticket like a 10-trip bus ticket and a date stamp.


Voraus bezahlen –
schrittweise konsumieren

Zur besseren Übersicht über Ihr Guthaben bekommen Sie von mir bei der Bestellung eine Streifenkarte und einen kleinen Datumsstempel. Ich gebe Ihnen jedes Mal Bescheid, wie viel Sie auf der Karte abstempeln sollen.



I’ll do my best to be available for your questions. Usually I can respond right away or on the same day. From time to time I post specific information about my availability on my website under News. However, I can’t give you an absolute guarantee of my availability any more than I can for other jobs. Work that has already been ordered to specific deadlines always has priority.



You can try to contact me any time. Evenings and weekends are not definitely taboo. If I don’t want to be called, I switch off my phone. You don’t need to worry about disturbing me.



Obviously I can’t offer this service to an unlimited number of people. In order to reserve some time for my regular work, I intend to issue no more than 10 of these packages at any one time.

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